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The 'Glorious' 12th (August) sees the start of the shooting season. The first birds on the menu are Grouse. Dark fleshed and well flavoured and only in season until December. Don't miss out on them.

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We hold classes to teach the mysteries of the butcher. Learn how to make a genuine 'Steak &Kidney pudding' like this one, which is part of our 'Who made all the pies?' evening.

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Highland Cattle. Fantastic marbled beef that's eats so well. Ours come from The Earl of Harewood's Estate, nearby.

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Little champion pie press. It makes 1000's of pies every week, with a little help.

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Long legged turkeys - that what they are called when they are hung after dry plucking, with their innards still inside. This improves flavour and keeping quality. These are produced on a local farm which has supplied us for over 20 Christmas's. Great mature birds which have a layer of fat under the skin, keeping them moist during cooking.

The British display for 2014 Tri-nations butchery challenge which I captained.