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Venus of Capua is statuary type representing a semi-naked Aphrodite. Its prototype, named after its findspot at the ruins of an ancient theater in Capua, Italy, is now in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale Napoli (Naples National Archaeological Museum). An earlier version of the type of the Venus de Milo, and close to the Venus of Arles, the statue probably represented the goddess admiring her reflection inside the reflective inner surface of Ares' shield, a motif known on coins from Corinth.

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Krishna is the embodiment of love. He is also sat-chit-ananda vigraha, which means the form of eternal knowledge and bliss, for which we are all seeking.

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Krishna Bewilders Brahma. In order to convince Brahma that all those calves and boys were not the original ones, the calves and boys who were playing with Krishna transformed into Vishnu forms. Actually, the original ones were sleeping under the spell of Brahma's mystic power, but the present ones, seen by Brahma, were all immediate expansions of Krishna, or Vishnu. Krsna Book, Chapter 13.