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Wonderful animals

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I was fortunate enough to meet a female cheetah during a visit from the Cincinnati Zoo at the library where I work. Nothing can describe the feeling of looking into the eyes of a cheetah, or the gracefulness with which she moved.

<strong>Zwerghamster »Gohan«, Rattenschlange »Aochan«, Japan 2006: </strong>Aochan, die Schlange, lebte im Zoo und hatte zwei Wochen nichts gefressen, also servierte ihr der Wärter einen Hamster. Der kletterte auf der Schlange herum, doch Aochan zeigte keinen Appetit. Im Gegenteil: Die beiden wurden Freunde und die Attraktion des Zoos.

SAFETY CAT: Guaranteed to prevent you or your family from harm (and everything else). <Disclaimer: service may or may not be compromised in the presence of catnip within twenty yards or less of the feline employee>

Glennis Whitney: Easy Come, Easy Go. Don't Give A Stuff What People Think Of Me. Be Caring And Sharing. Speak Up For My Own Thoughts. Get Rid Of All Idiots In The World. Be Nice To All Refugees. Treat Every One The Sa