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Jain Tadka: Mini Spinach Corn Roll Ups Lasagna

Jain Punjabi Chole Recipe (No onion No garlic Chole

Jain Punjabi Chole Recipe | No onion No garlic Chole Recipe

Vegetable Atta Pizza- Jain RecipeA quickly made oil free dish that can mesmerize you with its aroma by making you favorite member of the family.

Cottage Cheese Cutlets, Jain Paneer Cutlets, Tikki

Cutlets without potatoes? Well, it’s all in your mind. Try these delicious Cottage Cheese Cutlets and your impression is sure to change. Made with grated paneer and cooked rice bound together by plain flour, these scrumptious Jain-friendly cutlets are perked up with green chillies and capsicums of varied colours. This makes the snack very appealing, both visually and in terms of taste and aroma.

Methi muthia

Methi Muthia Recipe | Steamed methi muthia or Fried Muthia recipe this with some Mint chutney OMG