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Crunchy, melting in the mouth biscuits, a bit like Fox’s Crunch and Creams only better.

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Banana fried with bacon and a drizzle of maple syrup, a great breakfast on its own or on a toasted slice of sourdough.

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Fruity, nut free mince pies made from scratch: the best shortcrust pastry and delicious fruit filling.

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Plain scones, or biscuits as they are known in America.

Mascarpone blueberry cake, rich and velvety with a tangy flavour from the blueberries.

Broccoli cheese spiced up with anchovies and Cayenne pepper, an excellent alternative to cauliflower cheese.

Double chocolate muffins, wonderfully gooey in the centre and a doddle to make.

Oven baked mackerel fillets stuffed with capers and olives.

Galette des rois, an elegant treat for the night of Epiphany, or any other time during the twelve days of Christmas.

Pandoro, Italian festive 'golden bread', the sweet buttery panettone's rival.