Cuddlybearwear Stuffed Animals & Rag Dolls

We have a very extensive range of stuffed animals whilst our rag dolls reflect the diverse community we live in.
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Cuddly 12" Rag Doll - West Indian Girl With Plaits - Look at this stylish little rag doll, she comes with a removable bright green dress, a light pink t-shirt and striped tights. Her skin is dark brown and she has long black hair- lucky for you she loves people playing with her hair!

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Cuddly 12" Rag Doll (Unclothed) - Chinese Oriental Boy - He has a small tuff of very dark brown hair, lovely caramel skin and big hopeful eyes. This little one comes with a pair of bright yellow pants, but perhaps you'd like to dress him up in something fit for winter!

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Cuddly 12" Rag Doll - African Boy - This fun loving little rag doll boy has a keen interest in creepy crawlies. Make sure you show him around your garden, he'll have lots to tell you about them! He comes with a red and white striped t-shirt, dark blue denim styled jeans and black fitted shoes.

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Cuddly 18" Rag Doll (Unclothed) - Curly Haired Girl - Super springy curls! This 18" unclothed rag doll has chestnut brown hair, very light skin and big clear blue eyes. She loves adventures and climbing trees and always likes to look the part whilst doing so! Maybe you'd like to buy her a dress, or some shoes to match the small blue bow in her hair?

Cuddly 12" Rag Doll (Unclothed) - Mixed. Beautiful Mixed Race Boy. A full head of fuzzy hair! Look at those sweet brown eyes, I think he wants you to adopt him! His thick golden brown hair will have you re-styling it daily! He has very light brown skin and comes with his own pair of sky blue pants.

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