Wendell Rodricks's Journey to Iran

From Persepolis to Yazd and Tehran, designer Wendell Rodricks talks about the trip of a lifetime with Cox and Kings on his Zoroastrian Iranian odyssey. ‪#‎ExploreFourCorners‬
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Lush gardens, tranquil pools and a tea house make Sufi saint Hafez's mausoleum a prominent Iranian landmark. #ExploreFourCorners

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The poetically designed blue tile & sandstone artwork of the Nasir ol Molk Mosque in Shiraz is just one of the many monuments around the cultural capital of Iran. #ExploreFourCorners

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Wendell Rodricks turned back time at the 400-year-old Zeinodin Caravanserai, one of the many rest stops along the ancient Silk Route to Yazd. #ExploreFourCorners

The towering columns of Persepolis, just a few hours away from Shiraz, stand testament to the magnificence of the great Achaemenid empire. #ExploreFourCorners

The quintessential flavour of Iran comes across best in its exotic cuisine. The famous koobideh mince kebabs, juicy lamb chops and tomato shashliks served with rice, were culinary highlights of Wendell Rodricks's Iran adventure. #ExploreFourCorners

Dotted with beautiful monuments and symbols of architectural brilliance, Tehran is the epitome of Iranian culture, cuisine and hospitality. #ExploreFourCorners

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