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Once all the tiles are set they pour cement over it and let it set. (This is a fountain)


An intricately etched ceiling in Morocco. The patterns draw from different religons.there is a star representing the star of David for Judaism, there is a crossr for Christianity


The shape of a pointed horseshoe is a common structure in Moroccan architecture which has been influenced by many cultures. Lisa is exploring the culture of Morocco.


Pastilla is a traditional Moroccan dish inherited from the Andalus, an elaborate meat pie traditionally made of squab (fledgling pigeons). As squabs are often hard to get, shredded chicken is more often used today; pastilla can also use fish or offal as a filling. Pastilla is generally served as a starter at the beginning of special meals.

The decorated objects are then dried in a kiln twice.

The artists use all natural colours to paint on the dried objects.

The potter moulds the clay. Its fascinating to watch as the shape forms. What skilled hands!

The clay around Fez is rich in Magnesium. It is mixed with water until it is of the texture that can be worked with.