Skin Care

All our skin care products have been developed to deliver great results and the packaging maximises opportunities for branding. Whether it is hand cream, body lotion or a simple lip balm, your client will be delighted!
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ANTI AGING: Cosmiko products are available with a selection of active anti-aging ingredients that protect, rejuvenate and stimulate the skin’s own defences against the ravages of time.

SUN & TANNING: Looking to protect your skin or maintain that healthy tan?

SPA: There is no better way to add value to the services you provide and enhance the customer experience than by selling your own skincare range. Our stunning new Spa Clarity Range has been designed with pure luxury in mind.

LIP CARE: For soft, moisturised lips all year round. SPF factors also available for the summer months. Pucker-up you’re in for a treat!

OILY SKIN: The enlarged pores and blemishes that characterise oily skin need to be treated sensitively. The Cosmiko range of serums, moisturisers and toners has been developed by skincare professionals to treat the everyday effects hormonal imbalance, stress or humidity can have on skin.

DRY SKIN: The term dry skin covers a wide range of conditions from occasional dry and flaky patches to scaling, itching and cracking through to dermatitis. Cosmiko skincare products have been formulated to include a wide range of natural emollients and moisturisers and will not remove the skins own oils.

NORMAL SKIN: Normal skin is defined as having few imperfections, no serious sensitivities, barely visible pores and a radiant complexion. The best way to keep skin ‘normal’ is with the Cosmiko skincare range which includes serums, moisturisers and toners, all designed to keep skin in the optimal condition.

SENSITIVE SKIN: All Cosmiko skincare products have been developed and tested to ensure they are hypoallergenic and unlikely to trigger sensitivity in any skin types. By omitting all parbens and sulphates we avoid both immediate reactions and long term damage to skin.

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