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Pan-fried cream cheese gnocchi with wild garlic pesto and rucola salad - Lorraine Pascale recipe / Krémsajtos gnocchi medvehagyma pestóval, aszalt paradicsommal és rukkolával


Victoria Meringue Sponge with Mango and Cream filling

A meringue sponge with less sugar but all the tasty goodness! Taken from Lorraine Pascale's, A Lighter Way to Bake.

Halloumi bites with Harrisa Hummus. Another recipe from Lorraine Pascale, though this time from her latest cook book, 'Fast, Fresh and Easy'. These were pretty fast and easy to make, with fresh ingredients of course!! I found them lovely but you must eat when hot, too tuff once cooled! The hummus equally as nice though don't eat before any event where you wont want garlic breath lol!