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Cornitos Nachos Crisps is the new favourite snack of Dholakpur. Chotta Bheem and friends loving it very much. Do you like it as much they do?

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Can you guess the name of this famous cartoon character?

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Kowalski: It's yummy Skipper.. Rico: Is it healthy? Private: Which CORNITOS! nachos flavour is the best? Skipper Skipper: _______ What did skipper say?

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Game of favourite nachos crisps. Which one should get the throne?

Do you remember them?

Now even Popeye knows CORNITOS! is tasty and healthy.

Even Mowgli loves CORNITOS! Nachos Crisps

Can you guess who is the famous Cartoonist?

Share with us, what would be your reply if you are at the place of witty Birbal.

Can you guess who is this famous personality? Which CORNITOS! Flavour he would have Chosen to beat the Monday blues and why?