Inaki Aizpatarte Le Chateaubriande 2010 Lapland Lobster, Pigeon Liver, Chicken Liver, wood Sorrell

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A smoked fish soup with beetroots, mushrooms, woodsorrel, berries, brown butter, broth of mushrooms and raw lichen, prepared by chefs Inaki Aizpitarte and Petter Nilsson during "Cook It Raw," in Lapland, Finland.

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heart 1 2010 Daniel Patterson - Coi, Sanfrancisco Earth and Sea Harvested New potatoes and sea herbs

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Massimo Battura , La Francescana 2010 Lapland Pollution 20.30 Modena

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Carpaccio from (smoked) watermelon, creme from parmesan, pine nuts, balsamic (- inspired by Andoni Aduritz, Mugaritz) Restaurant La Vie

Sea buckthorn and carrots sorbet with melted butter and mint leaves. So simple, so wonderful. Restaurant Aamanns Etablissement, CPH

Scallop “skalet ur elden” cooked over burning juniper branches. The best scallop of my life: Pure, juicy and stunning flavour. Restaurant Fäviken Magasinet, SE

Cod jaws, Five types of cabbage, lumpfish roes & smoked cheese Restaurant Geranium, CPH (the old place)

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