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The Paul Foot Award | Private Eye Online - a prize for brilliant and investigative journalism. What newspapers could do rather than the endless celebrity coverage!


Attack is the best form of defence: the golden rules of political campaigning

Conservative and Labour advertising strategies in recent elections - why did they use the posters (some now iconic) that they did? It seems that the best form of defence in this case is attack.


On this fourth #EdBallsDay, has the hype become too much?

Is there much chance of electoral reform? - probably not.

What happens if there's a hung parliament? Don't panic – there's a plan

What would actually happen if there was a hung parliament? Read this and find out.

The incumbency effect: the psychology behind why safe-seats are ‘safe’

Young 'Ted' Miliband's first TV appearance, in 1991 – video

The Sun serves Ed Miliband a last helping of abuse

Rightwing papers make final push to keep Labour out.

The seats to stay up for – and the numbers that matter – on election night

Find out which results to stay up for and what they might indicate about the final outcome.