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Sketchbook ideas: mixed media (textured wallpaper cuttings) integrated within drawings.

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This still life illustration is very basic yet specifically details the object enough for us to understand the texture of the subject. The use of line is what engaged me in this, they're a combination of bold lines, fine lines and detailed lines that come together to form the subject's shape, form, some tone and once again that brief aspect of texture where it is due.

Daniel Egnéus, illustrator

Awesome paper sculptures >> Wow!

Awesome paper sculptures >> Wow!

Vendredi c’est Graphism

웹스토리 보이 :: [이미지] 종이접기의 달인들이 모여서 만든 엄청난 작품들

[이미지] 종이접기의 달인들이 모여서 만든 엄청난 작품들