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I've been listening to Belle & Sebastian for such a long time. Gutted because when I went to Bestival 2014 I never realised they were there. Definitely want to see them soon, love their mellow acoustic sound.

Just one of a myriad of Penguin designs for George Orwell’s classic Nineteen eighty-four (but one of the creepiest).

REWORK is a 'Swiss Army Knife' of work practice. It debunks some work practices that almost seem set in stone. The authors who have built 'Basecamp' tell you why 'ASAP' is poison, how some meetings can ruin productivity and why you shouldn't get too hung-up on planning. It's given me some useful approaches to projects, and I'm sure it will give you some! The chapters are bite size chunks so you could easily read it during your downtime.