Don’t tell me you can’t read this bead diagram! So easy to follow, right!? Maybe sometimes...but To start, you’ll need 2 needles.... ~ Seed Bead Tutorials

One could immediately remember the jingling sound the bells create!!Though Anklets are worn by women all over the world, it is closely connected to Indian women as it has a long history. Yes Indian...

Amulet necklace decorated with lotus flowers and thunderbolts. This comes from eastern Nepal, and dates back to the 19th/20th c. It is quite large - 46 cm tall, as shown - and is made of good quality silver and a turquoise. Bought from Lesley Schiff, London, early in our "career" as collectors of ethnic jewellery. Published in Truus Daalder, *Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment*, p. 304.

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