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Weaving through a rainbow- Fun activity that encourages balance, motor planning, coordination and body awareness. Teacher read “A Rainbow of My Own” by Don Freeman to go with the activity. Great pic as well, can be a group activity

Weaving through a rainbow

EYFS shape description game - The children take turns at describing a shape to their friend, who then has to attempt to name the shape and travel along the obstacle course to fetch it.

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Squeezing a (pre-cut) tennis ball open and dropping a piece of pasta inside: Palm strength and pincer grip development

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"Work their bendy bits from biggest to smallest"-activity to aid mark making, muscle development

abc does: Mark Making

Balance marbles on golf tees. Fine motor skills. Physical Development. Continuous Provision. Teaching. Classroom. Resources. EYFS. Early Years. Reception. Children. Learning.

Kids Home Made Arts and Crafts by Pink and Geen Mama

Incorporating animal yoga poses allows for a connection between children and nature. Children decide what animal they want to be, create the pose and become the animal through their imagination.

Animal Yoga For Kids - BonBon Break

Children need the freedom to take risks in play because it allows them to continually test the limits of their physical, intellectual and emotional development (Tranter, 2005). - Mairtown Kindergarten: Hanging Bars ≈ ≈

Mairtown Kindergarten: Hanging Bars

Gallery of Effective Practice: Outdoor - Opportunities for Physical Development

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