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Best garlic chilli khakhra in Hyderabad

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Buy Pudina Khakhras Online | Spicy Pudina Khakhra recipe | Methi Pudina Khakra

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This crunchy and tangy combination of khakhra and topping made from vitamin a and fibre rich ingredients like tomato, green peas and paneer is healthy, tasty and filling!

This gujarati staple is traditionally made and served with a lot of ghee. Here is a healthier version made with only 1 teaspoon of oil. Mint and chillies add flavour to this popular snack, one of my favorites. Use innovative toppings for added taste. Carry them with you on your travels and you'll find it much easier to make new friends!

Khakras are extremely popular snacks. They are nothing but thinly rolled out masala (or plain) chapatis which are made crisp over a tava (griddle). Khakras are readily available at most farsan shops and I get stumped at variety they come up with each time. The other day, I came across pav bhaji khakras, Punjabi masala khakra - the list was endless! You can however use the flavour you like the most or simply plain khakras or even tortilla chips! This recipe uses khakras (broken into…

Khakhra just got healthier and tastier, with mixed nuts and spices adding flavour and nourishment to it. Kids will love this dry fruit laden Khakhra Chivda that will give them lots of energy and nutrition for the next bout of play.

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