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In a significant move that will save the lives of millions of animals, the practice of sacrifice has been banned at Nepal’s Gadhimai festival, the world’s biggest animal sacrifice event held every fi

Animal sacrifice banned in Nepal Festival

Shift timing linked with metabolic disorder Recent study shows high influence of shift work hours with the metabolic disorder. Rotational night shift associated with increased risk of diabetes type cardiovascular diseases.

Working over 8 hrs a day raises stroke risk by 33%

Ms Siddique,Cheer

Shatrughan Sinha dares party to act against him

Ms Siddique

‘Coolie’ accident was a rebirth: Amitabh Bachchan

Ms Siddique,Salim Khan,Celebrity

Salman being targeted for his celebrity status: Salim Khan

President Barack Obama unveiled the final version of his plan to dramatically cut emissions from U.S. power plants, as he warned anew that climate change will threaten future generations if left unch

Obama takes ‘biggest step’ to tackle climate change