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I believe the use of latex on the face has worked really well. The latex creates a 3D effect which gives realism to this old aged makeup. I would maybe add in darker tones to create more shading in places. The eyebrows could also do with a brushing of the hair downwards and adding a white or Ben Nye silver colour.

How to do an old age makeup - YouTube I found this tutorial helpful however do not like the modern eyebrows as it takes away the realism. The shading and highlights are very effective and require a high amount of skill but is easy to follow. However, I feel powder does not work as well as grease paints when I have experimented with products.

Old Lady Lex (Old Age) Makeup Tutorial (NO PROSTHETICS/NO LATEX) - YouTube MadeYewLook by Lex I enjoyed this tutorial I think the makeup artists technique is precise and varied. The outcome is realistic and demonstrates a good understanding of highlights and shading.

This makeup feels as though it is lacking highlights. The darker tones work well and I like the detail around the nose. The lines could be varied more on the forehead as they look to uniformed.

Old Age Makeup practice on myself I feel as though the technique used for this makeup works well, the shading and highlighting has been used in moderation. However I do not think the mouth area works as it still remains to have lots of pigment in the lips which elder people lose, the wrinkles are too subtle to notice. A hooded eye could also be considered.

Kaschmir: Iris von Arnim

Iris von Arnim, 68yrs old ... We associate old age with wrinkles and frale skin. However, at 68 this lady looks fantastic. The skin does not look over worked or stretched. On the other hand cosmetic treatment could have been used to prevent the effects of aging.

Photography by Mark Taylor. I love pictures of old faces. This photo works well for me. I love the feel to this photo and how this lady still likes to feel glamorous no matter what age. The eyes have maintained strong with little sagging. The mouth however has slight wrinkles even with fantastic lips that do not look too frale.

This gentleman has strong facial features which have aged well without the invasion of stretched skin creating wrinkles around the nose and the lips. However the eyebrow muscle has sagged making the eyes look very deep into the skull.

Where the face has many deep wrinkles it almost looks as though the skin has cracked which reminds me of a pavement.

This photo makes me happy as although this lady is old and fragile she is happy. She has strong lines around the sides of the face and the forehead. This makes the skin look tired and stretched.