The experience of this jump is EXHILARATING. Try this daredevil once and you will be ADDICTED to it. The Giant Swing is Designed by The Experts of New Zealand and Operated by Jump Masters from New Zealand.This Jump can be done alone or by 2 people in Tandem.Jump is done from the fixed Cantilever Platform. You are fitted with a seat

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It's the Asia's Longest Flying Fox, having Jump Platform 120mts High and 1km Long. It's Designed by Expert's of New Zealand. Take the plunge and accelerate up to speed of 160 kmph in air.Feel the gush of air in your hair and face. In Flying Fox you are harnessed to the wire and on release due to gravity you whizzzz past. Have bird's eye view of the greenery, tree tops and the river below.Marvel at your brave attempt and give it another go!

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Jump with rubber chords tied to your ankle and feel the Ultimate Adrenalin Rush like never before.The Bungee Jump has been internationally designed and Jump Masters have been flown in from New Zealand to operate the Bungee.The Cantilever platform is built over a rocky cliff where you wear the safety harness.Once you are all ready, step on the edge and take the leap. Shout Bungeeee and enjoy the free fall towards the water below.

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Let’s charges up your soul while doing some gusty, blustery and stormy activity on “Quad Bike/ ATV Rides” near Mumbai city in Mandwa beach. It is the newest addition to the list of adventure activities provided at Mandwa beach which is located 20 km north of Alibaug and is thronged by number of tourists which has a charm of its own --with its beautiful groves of coconut palms. While saddling up to drive a ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicle) enjoy the experience of delicious zeal of driving on sandy…

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Ever imagined soaring from the top of a mountain with an eagle’s eye view

This is about conducting professional games with difficult and complex scenarios to make the sport more exciting and a thrilling experience in Goa. It inculcates positive team building skills which enhances the player , thus improving his/her personal skill sets.Imagine crashing through the undergrowth, dodging exploding paintball, hiding in bunkers or spying on enemies from on high. This is a real chance to shake off those day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle a spirit of adventure. The…

Taste the thrills and rush of adrenaline with high speeds and G forces,in this one of its kind tandem.Our specialized Acro pilots will take you through acrobatic man-oeuvres that are NOT for the faint hearted.Are you ready to feel light and fly high

Rock climbing is a test of strength, concentration and coordination as well as skill and technique. A climber learns from experience that the mountain must not be taken for granted. Rock Climbing in India, initially began as training for mountaineering and turned into an exciting sport about 15 years ago. Reaching to the desired goal always fills you with elation, joy and contentment that you can’t describe in words. We all set our goals in our life, what if someone takes charges of our life…

A secret desire to act like the James Bond and be part of the action is always there. Bring out your inner action hero and take to flying fox, ziiippping along and having unique and exhilarating journey between battlements, hill forts and ridge tops .Located at a distance of 100 km from Delhi International Airport, Flying fox in Neemrana Fort,is a perfect destination for those looking for an adventure. Longer the zip lines ,longer the fun. Here at Neemrana fort slide over the green hills…

Nothing can beat the beautiful sunset experience in the desert.This is an unbelievable place to explore. You think you have seen it all--the beaches, the snow, the landscapes but its not so if you haven't been to Rajasthan. Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is most famous for its Sand Dunes and so are the Sand Dune Bashing rides. You get inside a 4X4 Toyota Fortuner Car and go on a rugged, off-road experience. Put on your seat belts and drive aggressively straight up the sand hills over the peaks and…

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