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In this tutorial learn how you can export and import from UE4 and what do you need to know to import your gun or weapon to unreal engine.

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How to import your own character with animations to unreal engine. In this video i show how to create your character with MakeHuman software and how to add the bones and how to export to blender.

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3D artist and Co-founder of Game Character Academy “Judd Simantov”, presents his work on Naughty Dog’s latest project “The Last of Us“.

Tutorial that covers how to create assets to be used in UDK for a cave. In this tutorial learn to create the entrance to a cave using 3DS Max and Mudbox, then baking the Hi resolution mesh onto a low poly mesh, then creating the texture to be used on it.

Prepare yourself for some fun and games in the latest Meet the Experts webinar, as we bring you the world premiere of Brainballs! Representing the Autodesk Experts this week is Alex Horst who will be taking on the role of an advertising agency as he talks us through the production of a casual game to support a client pitch.

In this lesson, we’ll learn everything you need to know about creating good, custom collision for use inside of UDK. We’ll cover how to create it, export it, what to name it, and the rules for what makes good and “bad” collision inside of a game engine.

In this tutorial you will learn how you can add textures and materials in the unreal engine 4 so you may apply them to your weapon or other object.

The Microsoft Kinect has been hacked to do all sorts of things, and while some of the hacks are for the good of humankind, most are pretty superfluous. But the Microsoft Research Cambridge team has recently put together a Kinect demo which could provide neurosurgeons with interactive 3D visuals which could help them save lives in the operating room.