Cracked Canyon with Wall 2011 Studs, foamcore, paper, glue, paint, plexi 6' x 5' x 6"

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Rotting fruit Nan Shartel (2012) More similar to what I am to have, but likely the whole fruit. I want to interpret waste in a literal way, showing the fruit as fresh, then with the fruit rotting.

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Rotting Fruit: Photoshoot made to show the contrast between health and decay. Fruit is not actually decaying but made to look so by use of mixed media

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It’s actually a series of sheets of bullet-proof glass suspended so that they look like a face when viewed from the right angle. Michael Murphy assembled this sculpture. This and other works by him are on display at gallery nine5 in New York City.

.Netherlands based artist Arnout van Albada paints all sorts of still-life objects… meat, cheese, rhubarb, butter, cans, peaches, vases, fish, bagels, raspberries…

Tessa Farmer. Gross and somehow pretty?

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