greek pottery patterns - referencing for pysanky ideas - we can see the color palet that they used black with an orange and orange with black.

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1950s Skirt History: Cirlce, Poodle, Pencil Styles. Poodle Skirts were not Just for Teens. http://www.vintagedancer.com/1950/1950s-fashion-history-skirts/


Egypt: Temple of Dendera - Paul Smit | Mick Palarczyk

They Came Before Columbus (Paperback) Remember when you learned that Christopher Columbus "discovered" the New World. Well, that was a bold-faced lie. The "New World" was quite old to the natives who had lived there for centuries. Futhermore, this book by the renowned Ivan Van Sertima explores the evidence that ancient Africans had arrived in the Americas long before the Spanish. An excellent resource for students of history, young and old.

clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.

A guy and his bear…. 1920s portrait postcard

Well, I finally can make installment #3 in making this Elizabethan dress! And it's Kirtle time! Or I guess, 'petticoat bodies' time would be more accurate in this case. I also apologize ahead of time for the picture quality. My only camera right now is my iPhone, and it's proving to be…

Native American Turqouoise

Hot Genealogy Tip: Google Earth Maps with Lisa Louise Cooke. Learn how to use a feature of Google Earth to enhance your family history.

Steel Magnolias (1989)


Nettie Stevens. Amazing how the x and y determine your sex... SOMETIMES??? WTF liberals.. science..

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Battle of Brittain

Sitting in the Waaaaay back! Remember no seat belts?

Afrika - Kenya - Samburu Tribesman by Rita Willaert, via Flickr

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Tip Toe by Yale.

Awesome car..ford mustang 1967

Historian Dan Jones documents the tyrannical rule of The Plantagenets in Britain during the Middle Ages. More


some faces can't be resisted. some faces have the power to make you smile no matter what is going on. Walter Matthau had power both ways. smile today. or, Walter will return to haunt you.

Lid and Base of Canopic Jar of Tjuya., Service(Reign) of Amenhotep III, 18th Dynasty, Alamy330 × 540Search by image

Ohio State Reformatory (AKA Shawshank Prison) I've been here and father in law was locksmith here...

Pequot-Warrior The effect of the Pequot War was profound. Overnight the balance of power had shifted from the populous but unorganized natives to the English colonies. Henceforth [until King Philip's War] there was no combination of Indian tribes that could seriously threaten the English. The destruction of the Pequots cleared away the only major obstacle to Puritan expansion. And the thoroughness of that destruction made a deep impression on the other tribes.

Acoma Man. It was made in 1905 by Edward S. Curtis.