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Professor Rowena Ravenclaw was a Scottish witch, who lived in the early Middle Ages. Noted for her intelligence and creativity and regarded as one of the greatest witches of the age, Ravenclaw was one of the four founders of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry along with Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff and Salzar Slytherin, as well as the namesake of the Ravenclaw House. Ravenclaw was “beautiful yet slightly intimidating.” #hp

Arundel Castle, England Arundel Castle is a restored medieval castle in Arundel, West Sussex, England. It was established by Roger de Montgomery on Christmas Day The castle was damaged in the English Civil War and then restored in the and centuries.

Black Butler Short Sleeve Anime T-Shirt -

Glue soaked paper towels make good tarps.

#94. Gengar (humanized/gijinka pokemon series by tamtamdi on tumblr)

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Made my own ewok costume for Halloween this year!! - Imgur More

Working on a lot of differents proyects, army's on parade, some painting competitions and commissions... So here I post one reboost of my favourite mini ❤️ #warhammer #warhammer40k #gamesworkshop #demon #tzeentch #ageofsigmar #hobby #chaos #nurgle #khorne #modelism #miniature #gaming #citadel #vallejo #painting #forgeworld #skaven #verminlord #horus #heresy #spacemarine #figurine #toy #mini #geek

Dogmeat (Fallout 4) by evilwvergil

Meanwhile, misha...



Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kaneki Ken... Contos de fantasia e terror, WebNovels e Fanfics de Kuroi Yuki:

Star Wars - Day of the Dead

Yuri!!! on Ice (ユーリ!!! on ICE) Victor and Yuri take it easy while Yurio has his game face on in this awesome PASH! Magazine (Amazon US | Japan) poster, illustrated as the cover art for the December issue by character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu (平松禎史).

In the 5 years not seen in Young Justice Artemis and Jason during his time of being Robin were really good teammates. The rest of the team was either upset of Dick’s replacement and never giving Jason...

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Undertale - Lil Marshmallow by on @DeviantArt

Hi! I'm Liz. I blog mostly Supernatural and mostly Dean/Jensen, with second emphasis on Sam/Jared. I post A LOT of Dean/Jensen - if you don't want him on your feed, it's best not to follow me ;). I...


Deadpool (Sheik)

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