Tokyo Ghoul- Centispine ||| Kaneki Ken ||| Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art by rosaraeee on Tumblr

Pokemon X & Y BREAKthrough Single Card BREAK Rare Zoroark BREAK #92

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the Ladies of Star Wars

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Mega Diancie

Follow this DIY guide to transform into the Sugar Skull, inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead, “Dia de los Muertos.” Start with Clean Matte BB Cream for a perfect canvas. Then, use both Intensify Me! and Perfect Point Plus Eyeliners to draw lacey designs on the face. Add Plumpify Mascara for length. Fill it in with a range of shadows from the truNaked Goldens Palette - bronze around the eyes and gold inside the lace. Lips are a deep red in Colorlcious Seduce Scarlet.

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Dean Winchester // Supernatural // PERFECT!!

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Saitama se ve tan feliz con su pelo nuevo~ Lástima que luego de eso se puso a…

Eren by Chacall [pixiv]

Family get together to sort out their differences. Star Wars - Darth Vader at…

25 Best Inspiring love quotes


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Thank you SO much, Mr. Toriyama! Your work never ceases to bring a smile to my face!!!


Harry Potter wands!! Perfect accompaniment to your little one's Harry Potter or magical party. These are handmade so no two wands are exactly alike.

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Melissa Benoist

On This Date in Fictional History

transformers DRIFT PERCEPTOR and TURMOIL fin by ~kakjelly

"Anti-Venom" by Adan Ali | Spiderman: Edge of Time (videogame) [Do you know when did he first appeared?]

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