More ideas from Louise

Music videos show brilliant looks and styles which I often try to replicate! Lots of stuff 'on trend'

This is such a brilliant shop as it's really well laid out with dressed mannequins to inspire you!

This magazine shows brilliant outfits and styles of the season. I often go out to buy things I find in here

I always follow her looks on her Instagram as she just dresses really simply - but always looks brilliant

Schuh has a great source of shoes and inspiration in their store when I am looking to buy trainers

I am often inspired by magazines as they carry 'seasonal looks' and show you the latest fashions

Lookbook has a great array of people showing the best outfits from around the world

Rihanna is a brilliant example of someone who continually changes their look and is always stunning!

I love Cara D - I think her style is fantastic and she always looks great! I check her out on Tumblr