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My first attempt at a nappy cake for the birth of a friend's baby boy. Really enjoyed making it!

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I wanted to give my goddaughter and her brother something a bit different and they are big Harry Potter fans! Inspired by various different pins on here, I created them a Honeydukes Treat Mix which includes repackaged sweets including Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans (jelly beans), Fizzing Whisbies (flying saucers), Cola & Strawberry Wands. Also there are Chocolate Mice inside the owl (thanks to for the Paper Owl bag tutorial).

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Pots of Gold. Presents for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Filled with various gold sweets and a 'gold' scratchcard!

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Baby girl gift basket - filled with baby wipes, disposable changing mats, bubble bath, feeding spoons, tummy butter for Mum, baby grow, dribble bib and a soft toy cat. The basket is meant for pegs but thought it would make a great container in the nursery for toys etc.

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Another baby boy! This time the present was a box filled with goodies including a baby sleepsuit and matching hat, rattle, baby nail files, baby wipes and lotion.

Valentine's present for my boyfriends. Recovered a chocolate box. Used a free printable paper - thankyou to contributor (sorry, can't remember who it was).