Please Mind The Gap: Peak Time Commute Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 5”x 4” £190 including frame

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some required: If you revisit the idea of ocean, if you revisit the idea of love, if you revisit the idea of sun in new england, if you revisit the idea of her flannel gaze, if you revisit the idea of difference between new and old american dreams, if you

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Through drawing on train tickes I wanted to connect the offical documention with the regular people I see on my commute to college.

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Use hand technique. Big one for present. Small one of child self. One hand coming out of an iPhone maybe reaching out the the little hand playing cats cradle with it (because I still want to be a kid)

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Fashion Textiles Sketchbook - drawings and fabric sampling; gathering ideas, developing designs, design interpretations in fabric

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Mixed media - acrylics on a collage of handmade and upcycled papers and old sheet music and daisy flowers

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