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The art of detailing and making cars look amazing depends on two key factors. The first is the use of high quality car care products, whose performance is proven.
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Most importantly, it makes thick foam even better than a foam lance or tornador foam gun. More and more customers are now with air compressors or pressure washers. But there are still some customers don’t want such heavy machines.

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This air pressure washer gun works with only one air compressor and garden water hose, no need electric or gas pressure washer.

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One of the biggest challenges facing car care enthusiasts is deciding what products to buy, and from where.

Swissvax #MicroFluffyTowels feature an incredibly soft, ultra-deep 70:30 (polyester:polyamide) weave that is highly absorbent, making them perfect for buffing off pre-wax cleaning fluids and carnauba wax residues.

Snow foaming through a #HandFoamer is the process of covering the exterior of your car in a designated cleaning product in foam form before washing it to help remove and loosen dirt and contaminants.

All areas of your car should be foamed including the wheels, tires and arches with an application of a Hand Foamer.

The #AtomizaUpholsteryBrush is a really handy accessory product whose usefulness extends across a wide range of detailing duties.

This is now a moot point as the Auto Finesse Interior Detail Brush features far softer bristles that are safe for use even on piano black inlays and satnav screens.

The Auto Finesse Interior ‪‎Detail Brush‬ is very similar to the brushes that feature in the ever popular Auto Finesse Hog Hair Detailing Brush Set.

The #TornadorGuns are not a foam gun. It is an advanced cleaning gun designed to enhance the results of cleaners with a unique cyclonic cleaning action.

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