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CNC Temperature at the cutting tip - enough to light a cigarette ? Tobacco and paper both ignite at a temperature of 250 degrees C. The

CNC Morse taper - the inside story A taper is of course the best way of achieving concentricity between two components. Mating cylinders necessarily

The effect of work hardening is to increase cutting forces, increase vibrations, reduce tool life and reduce part quality.

On a reasonably well made CNC machine the losses will be 20 %, and on a low cost machine they can be as high as 40 %. Here's why this happens.

CNC CADEM CNC Gyan videos - short movies on the basics of CNC Turning We at Cadem just made a series of short videos to help people self-learn CNC

CNC Heat shrink holder The heat shrink holder has a cylindrical bore which holds a tool with a cylindrical shank, like a side lock holder. The

CNC Insert coatings and your shoe's sole - what's the connection ? A shoe must be comfortable on the feet, made of material that is soft and that

CNC Is your machine sleeping a lot due to breakdowns ? Typically, when there is a machine breakdown on the shop floor, this is what happens

CNC Anvils (alias shims) in threading tools - small things that make a big difference A thread is actually a groove cut at an angle, a helical