Paul & John by David Bailey. One of my favorite photographers. Check out my guide to dream cameras at the click thru ->

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Jude Law Photo David Bailey - Has the look of the 60's Caine shot about it!

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90s - Cindy Crawford. American model. Known for her trademark mole just above her lip, Crawford has adorned hundreds of magazine covers throughout her career. Her success at modeling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film, and to work as a spokesperson.

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Shrimpton by Bailey I absolutely LOVE Shrimpton and the work Bailey did with her!Truly iconic!

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Mr. Caine. photo by David Bailey. Will never forget the wedding scene in, "Man Who Would be King," and so many other things M. Caine did....

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"Be like a duck. Remain calm on the surface and paddle like hell underneath." My favorite quote ever.

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