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Breville® Halo+ Honey and Lemon Whole Seabass

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Great for a busy weekday evening, but impressive enough to serve guests, and hugely satisfying as well. Big, simple flavours combine with healthy salmon and a golden crust make it look the part and taste fantastic.

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A really interesting take on a spaghetti dish, with simple and bold flavours that are surprising yet make perfect sense. A dose of chilli adds a freshness that brings the pasta to life.

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A smoked salmon recipe full of big creamy flavours with cream cheese, garlic, lemon and dill. Served over tagliatelle pasta.

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This prawn cocktail recipe is a fantastic twist on an old classic. Also learn how to de-vein prawns in our Prawn masterclass!

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A healthy steamed and fragrant fish recipe with a homemade paste that gives this vibrant and exciting dish an eastern twist and seductive aromas, as well as flavours galore.

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Challenge yourself but reap the rewards with this stunning Japanese style seared tuna sashimi recipe served with a spicy lentil salad, wasabi mayonnaise and soy & lime dipping sauce.

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A smoked salmon recipe full of big creamy flavours served over tagliatelle pasta. This keeps things simple but doesn’t sacrifice flavour in order to deliver maximum satisfaction.

Bring a touch of Spanish cooking and hospitality into your home with this wonderful paella slow cooker recipe.