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How to identify Dry Rot in buildings

Party Wall etc. Act 1996 – Much more than just Party Walls! - It is easy to see how the Party Wall etc. Act can be mis-interpreted, particularly by members of the public, just by the nature of it's title. For those who work in the property professions and interact with the Act on a regular basis there will be generally less confusion, however in my experience this is not always the case!

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Thatched Roofs – Roofs that have stood the test of time! - There is no doubt that a timber framed building with lightweight infill walls of wattle and daub and a thatched roof provides an element of charm and there are many examples of similar buildings throughout the UK

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Inspecting Roof Spaces – Part 1 - A 'Rafter' information available - Anyone with an interest in property can learn a great deal from what they find in a roof space as this is one of those places where most people chose to ignore, use is generally limited to storage or access once a year to collect the Christmas tree and then put it back again afterwards!

Surveying Property: Inspecting Roof Spaces – Part 1 - A 'Rafter' information available

Air Tightness and Ventilation in UK Dwellings - A sensitive balance! - In the near future it will be interesting to see how our buildings are reacting to increased air tightness, together with ventilation. In truth only time will tell if this is working when these buildings have been occupied and used for a number of years

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Inspecting Roof Spaces – Part 2 - A Surveyor's Aladdin's Cave - Roof spaces are not always the nicest environments to inspect as space can often be restricted, they can be cluttered, poorly lit, poorly ventilated, dusty and contain a whole host of different hazards. Having said this, an inspection would be sadly lacking if a visit to the roof space was not undertaken

Surveying Property: Inspecting Roof Spaces – Part 2 - A Surveyor's Aladdin's Cave

Statutory Approvals - Why ignorance is no excuse for non-compliance - By their very nature Statutory Approvals are mandatory, they are not a choice. This is something worth thinking about if you are thinking about buildings works now or in the future

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How to insulate roofs on old properties | LABC

How to insulate roofs on old properties

Unfortunately, the American dream can now include asbestos exposure. U.S. homes built before 1980 are likely to have been constructed with asbestos materials. Take a look at where asbestos might be hiding in your home within our newest infographic:

Infographic: Asbestos Exposure in Your Home

Victorian Houses - Part 3 – Some typical defects - Interestingly, condensation is likely to have been less of a problem in Victorian times than it is today!

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