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Indian History Pics

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Most pics sourced from Twitter. I do not hold any copyrights

1992 :: Narendra Modi And Murli Manohar Joshi In Lal Chowk , Srinagar To Hoist Indian Flag (@IndiaHistorypic) | Twitter

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1904 image of an "Adi Dravida" School at Manjalpadpu, Puttur #Karnataka (Basel Mission Archives)

1949 :: Baby Making Attempt To Take Off Major General Thimayya’s Cap (@IndiaHistorypic) | Twitter

1960s :: Dilip Kumar Smoking As Raj Kapoor Looks on (@IndiaHistorypic) | Twitter

1940s :: Major Som Nath Sharma, First Recipient of Param Vir Chakra, For Bravery In Kashmir Operation of 1947-48 (@IndiaHistorypic) | Twitter

1824::Kittur Chenamma's Adopted Son was Not allowed to Rule by British Empire.In 1848 Doctrine of lapse was Codified (@IndiaHistorypic)