Blaise Pitrik
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child's boxroom - Good concept, maybe combine tented area for escape from sensory overload with the bed?

LOVE THE LIGHT FIXTURE! Artists’ “studio.” Keep an easy-to-clean, flat surface at the ready with art supplies. Store crayons, scissors pencils in small tubs that are attached to the table to avoid spills & missing materials. Add a mini-coatrack to a nearby wall to hang artist smocks. Put down some easy-to-clean floor covering. Designate a display gallery for the best pieces by hanging art.

Modern quilts are such a child-friendly way to decorate kids’ beds. They are warm, ensconcing, colorful and snuggle inducing, and they come in an almost infinite range of colors.

If I ever have to put one of my children in a room the size of a shoebox it's nice to know there is a beautiful way to do it.