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wireless connections

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All problems from wireless connections, file/printer sharing, internet setup and multi computer access, these can be a headache to setup and configure if you're not sure what goes where, contact us and we can happily visit you onsite and get it setup correctly the first time!

Have a computer you want repaired cheaply as possible? Don't want to pay for hours for a technician to repair an old computer which isn’t worth hundreds to fix? Bring it in to us and we can give you a diagnostic overview of what’s required to get your computer up and running again or possibly just extract the data for you and copy it to a new computer or hard drive.

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Having problems with your email again? Maybe it’s an attachment you can't open or a program won’t launch? Remote access to your computer not only provides a cheaper repair, but gives you a technician instantly at your computer fixing problems you want fixed now. This saves on the minimum 30-60 minutes required for companies to send out a technician, this can make fixing a 5 minute problem expensive and unnecessary.