paint and stamp out patterns in an old tin can to make a hanging lantern.

7 Cheap But Beautiful DIY Garden Decor Ideas

Three Tier Herb And Plant Theatre With Zinc Pot Set

For my herbs and lovely flowers outside the back door {{{a cute easy way to make a little herb garden that you can take back with you when you move and that you can reach from the door even if it's raining without getting super wet}}}

Dreamy Backyard Inspiration

Why backyard? Why not just anywhere living space? It would be awesome as the main living area if you swap a few details - pendant lights, storage in table/under seats - more pillows

DIY Furniture Projects Made Of Whole Pallets

Check out manufacturers and warehouses nearby for discarded pallets. If you ,most companies usually won't mind you snagging one or two for DIY projects. But do ask first! Some companies have special recycling set up for the pallets already.

How to make a mini wildlife stack for your garden

Kids today often don't realize how fun and rewarding gardening can be. But with a few fun gardening gifts, you can spark an interest in gardening for your own children, your grandchildren, or students with just a few simple gardening gifts

Almost certainly making these for our back fence. So much more original than stringing up Christmas lights, and you don't need a plug! Just screw oon the cap when not in use so your filler and candle don't get ruined, and the jars don't fill up with rain!

Unique DIY String Light Poles with Concrete Bases

Spring has come and it is great time for enjoying and decorating your garden or yard. When you start working on your decorating plan, then you might come across a variety of styles that is hard to choose only one. However, if you want to decorate your gar

35 Front Door Flower Pots For A Good First Impression

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