Thank you for this great initiative! Motivating people to be creative and giving them the opportunity to explore what they love most; fashion and ofcourse Cos (though I really think they could have been synonyms).

COS | On winter accessories

Flat leather shoes - Black - Archive - COS ES

COS | Leather chelsea boots

Leather chelsea boots - Black - All Articles - COS GB

Curly wool scarf

Wool-blend scarf - Light Grey - Archive - COS GB

Sterling silver necklace

Sterling silver necklace - Silver - All Products - COS GB

COS | Striped cotton top

Striped cotton top - Ivory / Black Stripe - All Products - COS GB

COS | Fine wool jersey top

Fine wool jersey top - Grass Green - Archive - COS GB

COS | Dotted wool top

Dotted wool top - White - All Articles - COS GB

COS | Dotted wool top

COS | Slim side-zip trousers

Slim side-zip trousers - Black - Archive - COS GB

COS | Slim side-zip trousers

COS | Oversized wool cardigan

Oversized wool cardigan - Khaki Green - All Articles - COS GB

COS | Oversized wool cardigan