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Millie Pearl Jewel Necklace £15.00 This exquisite necklace will compliment an evening outfit for a classy and sophisticated look. The necklace features several elegant pearls, which frame a gorgeous, large pink stone – it’s sure to be a talking point for all the right reasons. The necklace would also breathe a little life into a more casual outfit.

Millie Pearl Jewel Necklace

Rachel Floral Embelished Necklace £8.00 The perfect accessory for the lady with a passion for pink. This enticing necklace has been created with a floral design featuring pink, green and clear gemstones. The colours work together to create a necklace that has plenty of character and vibrancy, whilst being versatile enough to accessorise a variety of formal and informal outfits.


Rachel Floral Embelished Necklace

Jazsmin Adorable Gem Necklace £12.00 This classy necklace will make you the centre of attention in any room. The unique triple loop chain alone is feminine and sophisticated, perfectly balancing with the giant pink gemstones. An intricate pair of dangly earrings would compliment the necklace yet further, although it’s a statement piece of it’s own.

Jazsmin Adorable Gem Necklace

Gwen Multi Tier Gem Necklace £8.00 This attractive necklace is suitable for accessorising many different outfits, both formal and informal, making it a versatile addition to your collection. The row of pink oval gems really makes the necklace stand out, which is sure to make a great focal point, as is the middle row of sparkling gem stones.

Gwen Multi Tier Gem Necklace

Eva Pretty In Pink Necklace £8.00 Pretty in pink, this necklace is a worthy opponent in our list of best sellers. The prominent pink stones are attention grabbing, whilst the gold studding gives it a hint of attitude, everything a lady of the world needs in an outfit. Stylish, elegant and charismatic; the perfect necklace for any trendsetter.

Eva Pretty In Pink Necklace

Davina Bejeweled Necklace £12.00 With so many colours, the possibilities are endless with this necklace. The thick snake-chain style necklace is charming in itself, but has a bold splash of colour with the multicoloured gemstones that are just begging to make your outfit pop. A simple design that works incredibly well with formal outfits, as well as more casual outfits.

Davina Bejeweled Necklace

Courteney Adorable Floral Necklace £15.00 Some ladies like a little character in their accessories and this necklace is overflowing with it. The floral design is created using peach coloured stones alongside clear sparkling gems, which catch the light and turn heads wherever worn. Peach compliments a range of colours, making it easy to accessorize many different outfits.

Courteney Adorable Floral Necklace