Mona Hatoum, Van Gogh's Back 1995 Photograph, colour, on paper, 600 x 403 mm "[...] photograph of a man's hirsute back, the hair soaped and wetted and swirled into patterns which suggest the brushstrokes in Van Gogh's paintings."

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Mikala Dwyer Hanging Smoking Garden, 2007 Black Sun Blue Moon, Spielhaus Morrison Galerie, Berlin, 2007

Mikala Dwyer, The Additions and Subtractions, 2012, mixed media, dimensions variable. Installation view. From “Mikala Dwyer” on

Mona Hatoum a lightbulb hangs from the centre of the room, and as it moves up and down, it swings slightly, throwing huge shadows across the walls. was very eerie when i went into the room where this piece was

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