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Enticing Tour wishes you all a very Happy Hanuman Jayanti. It is believed that Lord Hanuman is the only living God in this era. We celebrate "Hanuman Jayanti" to mark Lord Hanuman's birthday. Here we are introducing you to the world's tallest Hanuman Statue and India's tallest statue, known as Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami (135 ft), located in Paritala, Hyderabad. For Hyderabad Tour- #HanumanJayanti #TallestStatueOfHanuman

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Carlos Ramos “Indiaâ

Leading a God-centered life is simple and sublime, but because of our complicated minds, our tendency is to look for something more difficult because we feel that if it’s so easy, it must not work.

He who exults not at honours, and grieveth not at slights, and remaineth cool and unagitated like a lake in the course of Ganga, is reckoned as wise. Photo: Hanuman