Cosmos condos is a new mixed-use condo developing by Liberty Development Corporation and designed by Kirkor Architects. This project is currently in preconstruction and will be located at southwest corner of Highway 7 & Maplecrete Road having 4 towers of 25 to 35 storeys. Visit and register now to get Plantinum access Registration #CosmosCondos

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Make your visit to The Ravine Condos to book your lavishing space here at reliable price. This place is fulfilled with luxury amenities and civic services. Trip today to gain more details on it. #TheRavineCondos

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Cosmos Condos is a new condo development by Liberty Development Corporation currently in pre-construction at 2951 Regional Road 7 and 180 and 190 Maplecrete Road in Vaughan, Ontario. #CosmosCondos

Cosmos Condos is a mixed used developed condominium by Liberty Development Corporation at 2951 Regional Road 7 and 180 and 190 Maplecrete Road in Vaughan, Ontario. Register now to explore more about this lavishing project. #CosmosCondos

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