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Taking care of new born baby is quite challenging. A child is a beautiful gift in an women's life. So here we try to share valuable information to the beloved mother for their kids. We try to update all baby care stuffs and tips for a healthy kids. You can also join here and share your thoughts to make the things better.
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Moms milk is constantly useful for her infants, whether it is thin or hard. The milk color won’t make any issue for your infant. Mother can also continue her breast feeding even if suffering from disease like asthma, malaria, cold or typhoid. Read more.......

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Breastfeeding is optimal healthy diet for your baby. But after six months your baby needs extra iron and other health suplements to grow that he or she gets from solid foods. These foods provide different nutrients and flavor to your baby. However breast milk is essential food and you can continue with your baby until two years old.

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Brush your kids teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. Never forget to brush all parts of the teeth (front, back, tops, at the gums). Read more....

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