Stunning Clutch Range to look Stylish & Fab this Festive Season!

Baggit offers a wide range of exquisite clutches for all you pretty girls, to add a little zing to your grand outfits. Made from completely vegan material, add a dash of style to your personality and also hold your essentials like lip-gloss, mobile, and mascara when on the go. Beauties, grab eyeballs carrying the best clutches from Baggit, today. Pick your favorite clutch, available at all exclusive stores &
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Baggit is thrilled to begin a new fashion journey.

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Xeta Mozac Gold - Rs. 1,375/- Buy It Now:

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L Mishi Platinum Gold - Rs. 1,650/- Buy It Now:

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Here's to our new Kurla store.

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L Marcello Jharna Blue - Rs. 1,275/- Buy It Now:

L Manley Ludia Grey - Rs. 1,375/- Buy It Now:

Gorgeous Clutch to get you through the Festive Season, stylishly! L Ashley Precious Gold - Rs. 1,725/- Buy it Now:

L Suzi Precious Grey - Rs. 1,225/- Buy It Now:

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