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Baby Hazel Learning Games

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No one to watch baby Hazel as mom is out for shopping. She along with her friend Mia enjoys fun­filled games utmost. Have a look, in what mischievous activities both the kids were indulged.

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Baby Hazel has planned to grow tomato plants in her kitchen garden. Be with Hazel to understand different stages of tomato farming and then grow tomato plants. Enjoy tomato farming with Hazel!

Go along with Baby Hazel and Ashley to explore nature by visiting farm, forest and riverside

Join Baby Hazel and friends to learn about animals and birds by completing various fun-filled activities and assignments.

Join Baby Hazel and her friends in their science class to learn about various scientific experiments. Have fun!

Join Baby Hazel to enjoy fun-filled activities related to four different seasons in a year.

Its seasons learning time! Help Baby Hazel in completing the tasks and assignment related to seasons.

Join Baby Hazel to learn and identify different seasons through fun-filled activities, tasks and assignment. Enjoy learning seasons with Baby Hazel!

Baby Hazel decides to prepare tasty vegetable soup and apple puree. Can you help her in cooking?

Laundry time! Let us join Baby Hazel to learn how to wash, dry and iron the clothes from her mom.