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Swiss artist Andy Denzler applies analog glitches to classical portraiture in his series of glitch paintings


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• *woven image that everybody on the interwebs hearts and tumbls until Google Image says whaa? weheartitflowers?ormaybeBieber?*

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"Ceaseless practice is essential until one attains without the least effort that natural and primal state of mind which is free from thought, in other words, until the 'I', 'my' and 'mine' are completely eradicated and destroyed." ~Ramana Maharshi

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This composition mimics the split look of an object when in the water. However, at the top of the color overlay are lines that look like pixels on a TV or computer screen. Draws your eye to the central focus of the piece (his head, or more specifically hi

David MARINOS - curieuxdetrucs