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Vimi few ideas with chillies Soak chillies in vinegar overnight. Grind them with sugar, olive oil, garlic & basil leaves... Can add few pine nuts. It tastes amazing on toasts Instant digestive-- Mix cut chillies, ginger cut lengthwise & salt.. Lasts about a week in fridge & is very good


@Vimi... Soak chillies overnight in vinegar..grind in the morn. Put mustard oil... Garlic ginger Salt n little sugar. Store 😊

CHUKH 1 kg red chillies 250gms ginger, grated 1 cup gulgul/lemon juice 125gms chuaras, sliced 1/2 kg Sarson oil Salt to taste Heat oil. Add all ingredients except lemon juice. Cook till it begins to soften. Add lemon juice and cook till the oil separates and it looks done. The flavour improves after a few days.