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Check Out This Amazing Witcher 3 Ciri Cosplay

I checked this video out to see if it was a good f2p game...I need something to hold me over until infamous and dying light come out...from all these comments i think it deserves a try...i mean it is free so if I don't like it I can just delete it...might download it for my ps4

DC Universe Online PS4 Video Review

Recent releases like The Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar are sporting a sub fee, so why isn’t EverQuest Next? You liked! 1

EverQuest Next Dev Explains Why Free-to-Play is Goo

Brazilian football fans' hopes for a home triumph were brutally shattered by Germany.. The collective sense of shock, embarrassment and national humiliation

Heartbreaking Pictures Of Brazil Fans

I remember unlocking every super smash bros character because I could.

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