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Bombay Halwa Recipe / Karachi Halwa / Corn flour halwa is a rich and yummy Indian dessert made with corn flour, sugar, nuts and ghee.


Cham Cham

Bengali Cham Cham with Stuffed with Mawa (Khoya) and Dryfruits - Delicious Indian Dessert - Step by Step Recipe


Magaj recipe (Gujarati magas recipe) Besan burfi

Magaj or magas recipe with step by step photos - Gujarati style of making besan burfi. It is made from ghee, coarse chickpea flour and sugar.


Mango Phirni

Mango phirni or aam ki phirni recipe, Indian mango dessert made with mango puree, raw rice & milk. How to make mango phirni, creamy like kheer or payasam.


Gulab Phirni / Rose flavored Rice Pudding

Gulab Phirni / Rose flavored Rice Pudding #Diwali #recipe #indian #sweet #dessert #Rice pudding


Doodh Paak ( Gujarati

Doodh paak is a semi-thick mithai, brimful with the goodness of milk. The milk is simmered for a while; then the rice is added and simmered till cooked. As the rice is cooked completely in the milk, it imbibes a luxurious flavour and aroma. The cardamom and saffron added towards the end complete the royal feel of this dish!


Rice Kheer Recipe (Chawal Ki Kheer)

Rice Kheer Recipe is an age old traditional Indian pudding prepared with three basic ingredients – milk, rice and sugar. It is one of the best Rice Kheer Recipe.