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#vegan #padthai from the #thugkitchen #cookbook. "Quit fucking with that tired-ass take-out. You can make better shit at home in no time. Plus you don't have to put pants on to answer the door."

Quack? Quack! #quackstagram #ducknecklaces

Gosh this place is pretty!

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad from the #thugkitchen cookbook. Less than fifteen minutes and lunch today and tomorrow! Hurray!

Sort-of #vegan #pancakes from the #thugkitchen but topped with chocolate spread because old habits die hard.

Actually got time to cook this week. I want to go back to uni but also having free time has been nice overall.

Inspired by @jemacostume to try a new thing (I swear it was the seedy dessert!) but before that the biggest and meatiest sandwich I've ever seen just to say goodbye!

#restingbitchface on my way out to get cocktails and see the baes <3